Drug-free treatment for ADHD

Drug-free treatment for ADHDReporter: Sean Murphy

SEAN MURPHY: Meet Ryan and Jayden Hammond, two otherwise normal energetic boys with ADHD.Until recently, they couldn’t control their energy or focus their attention without a daily dose of Ritalin.Now, though, Ryan and Jayden are thriving on a drug-free treatment.KERRIE HAMMOND, MOTHER: Ryan’s not taking any and Jayden is taking half a dose, and they can still maintain their focus as if they were on medication.So that’s been the biggest difference.SEAN MURPHY: It must be a relief to you?KERRIE HAMMOND: A huge relief, because I was looking at any option to get them off medication.I just didn’t like the idea of them being on tablets long term.SEAN MURPHY: Ryan, Jayden and Kerrie Hammond have been part of a focus group trialling Sahaja meditation at Sydney’s Royal Hospital for Women.After just six weeks, 16 children with ADHD all showed a marked improvement, though only some reduced or stopped their medication.Were you a bit sceptical of the meditation at first?KERRIE HAMMOND: Yes, definitely.And even now I can see the results, but it seems that some things I don’t understand — I like to understand why and how things work, but it’s worked amazingly.

via 7.30 Report – 07/03/2002: Drug-free treatment for ADHD.

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