Yoga does promote good health – The Times of India

A new study led by an Indian-origin scientist has proved that meditation actually eases stress and promotes better health. Meditation triggers a change in electrical activity of the brain, improving the mind and body in measurable ways, revealed Dr Ramesh Manocha at Sydney University, lead researcher of the study on work stress.

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Drug-free treatment for ADHD

Drug-free treatment for ADHDReporter: Sean Murphy

SEAN MURPHY: Meet Ryan and Jayden Hammond, two otherwise normal energetic boys with ADHD.Until recently, they couldn’t control their energy or focus their attention without a daily dose of Ritalin.Now, though, Ryan and Jayden are thriving on a drug-free treatment.KERRIE HAMMOND, MOTHER: Ryan’s not taking any and Jayden is taking half a dose, and they can still maintain their focus as if they were on medication.So that’s been the biggest difference.SEAN MURPHY: It must be a relief to you?KERRIE HAMMOND: A huge relief, because I was looking at any option to get them off medication.I just didn’t like the idea of them being on tablets long term.SEAN MURPHY: Ryan, Jayden and Kerrie Hammond have been part of a focus group trialling Sahaja meditation at Sydney’s Royal Hospital for Women.After just six weeks, 16 children with ADHD all showed a marked improvement, though only some reduced or stopped their medication.Were you a bit sceptical of the meditation at first?KERRIE HAMMOND: Yes, definitely.And even now I can see the results, but it seems that some things I don’t understand — I like to understand why and how things work, but it’s worked amazingly.

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Good thinking

Until three years ago, Heidi Castro had suffered from “very, very intense” migraines that she’d put up with for about 10 years. She tried acupuncture and various pain-relief medications with mixed success, then she signed on to a migraine study at Sydney’s Royal Hospital for Women.

As part of the study, Castro attended a meditation workshop every Tuesday and Thursday for three months and meditated for five minutes twice a day.

“The first month the migraines and the number of migraines were reduced,” she says. “The following month they were reduced to about four in a month [10 was typical before the workshop], then after that I didn’t have any.”

She continued meditating for another two months and thought: “OK, I’m cured” and stopped. “I then started getting them back,” she says. “So I started meditating again. It has helped permanently.”

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Meditation and mental stillness – ABC New South Wales – Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Ever wish you could turn off the constant chatter inside your head?

Perhaps you should try a moment of mental stillness.

Dr Ramesh Manocha at the University of Sydney has been studying meditation and the effects it has on the human brain.

He talked Adam through the concept of mental stillness and ways of quietening the mind.

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Expert warns against allowing children on computers |

AUSTRALIAN parents are rolling out the welcome mat for paedophiles by allowing their children unfettered access to the internet, a parenting expert has warned.

The founder of the Generation Next parenting seminars Dr Ramesh Manocha said a recent survey by his organisation indicated one million Aussies aged four to 18 were allowed unsupervised internet access.Only one third of parents had internet filtering in place and 760,000 Aussie teens had computers in their rooms.Only 40 per cent restrict internet access to shared family areas, as experts advise, and the same amount never check the history of websites kids have visited.Dr Manocha, who works as a GP at Burwood, said the results were a major wake-up call.”There’s a growing gap between parents and children,” he said.”Our survey shows parents think they have the situation under control and they comprehend the nature of cyber safety but the reality is they don’t.”

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Sahaj Yoga promotes physical and mental health – The Times of India

Sahaja Yoga founded by Mata Nirmala Devi, that is gaining greater acceptance worldwide for calming the mind and busting stress, contributes to promoting mental and physical health, according to a new study conducted in Australia. The essence of Sahaja Yoga, described as mental silence, is much more than mere tranquillity, having several dimensions, including medically beneficial ones, Ramesh Manocha, senior lecturer of psychiatry at the University of Sydney Medical School, said.

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