Scientists call for rethink on consumption, population | Reuters

Scientists have called for aradical rethink of our relationship with the planet to head offwhat they warn could be economic and environmental catastrophe.In a report published on Thursday by the London-based RoyalSociety, an international group of 23 scientists chaired byNobel laureate Sir John Sulston called for a rebalancing ofconsumption in favour of poor countries coupled with increasedefforts to control population growth to lift the estimated 1.3billion people living on less than $1.25 a day out of poverty.”Over the next 30-40 years the confluence of the challengesdescribed in this report provides the opportunity to movetowards a sustainable economy and a better world for themajority of humanity, or alternatively the risk of social,economic and environmental failures and catastrophes on a scalenever imagined,” the scientists said.

via Scientists call for rethink on consumption, population | Reuters.

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